Our first wish is to support the practice of sitting meditation. Our Moonleap cushion is one step towards finding more intelligently designed, ergonomic solutions to supporting our bodies in this practice. Harvey Rayner, designer of the Mooleap cushion, has estimated to have spent more than 20,000 hours sitting on 100s of different supports over 2 decades. We might say the design for this cushion has been born out of the wisdom of his very well qualified buttocks.

In early 2012 Harvey Rayner, asked his wife Lauren to sew him a cushion based on a design he had been dreaming about for a number of years. After about 3 months research and development, amounting to about 30 prototypes the Moonleap meditation cushion was born.

Having had such positive feedback about the cushion from our customers, we now plan to extend our range of products, applying the same intelligent design approach to other meditation supports. Our primary hope is to support the practice of meditation by creating ergonomic products to aid all types of body shapes and sizes, postures and degrees of flexibility.

In September 2012, Lauren and Harvey moved their home, business and two children to Waterport, NY, USA.

Team Moonleap

About Harvey: Moonleap product and web designer


Harvey has worked on a diverse creative portfolio working as web developer, digital artist, and eco greenhouse designer. Recent personal projects include:

patterncooler.com: This seamless pattern resource receives many thousands of users daily. It is a fun yet useful expression of all the things Harvey loves to do when not developing Moonleap, meditating or relaxing with friends and family.
onedropzen.org: custom community based CMS used here to archive the teachings of Harada Roshi and create an umbrella platform for the international sanga who follow him. For the last few years Harvey has had the opportunity to attend Osesshins led by Harada Roshi.


Harvey has maintained a daily sitting meditation practice for almost 2 decades. In the UK Harvey lead meditation workshops and regular local meditation groups. He plans to continue experimenting with ways of  bringing  people together to investigate meditation in the USA. Anyone in the upstate NY area, interested in practicing with others and Harvey can contact @ harvey@moonleap.com

A brief description of the meditation practice recommended by Harvey can be found @ moonleap.com/groups


About Lauren: Moonleap cushions maker and customer service


Lauren loves to study and employ experimental permaculture methods for growing food and medicinal herb plants. In the UK she created a rare herb and edible plant nursery, selling to her customers online.  In the US Lauren plans to take a step further towards self-sufficiency by creating a food forest at the new family home. Lauren is also very passionate about animal welfare and using meditation to heal and communicate with all life on our colorful and beautiful planet.